PayPal steps-up P2P payments with Venmo QR code introduction


PayPal added QR code capabilities to its P2P payments platform Venmo, ahead of Apple’s launch of a rival service in a forthcoming iOS upgrade.

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PayPal steps-up P2P payments with Venmo QR code introduction

The addition of a QR code option for social payments is designed to ease transactions by allowing customers to scan a code on a recipient’s phone to swap details, rather than having to type in username information or exchange bank details.

Although the use of QR codes in the US is relatively uncommon, their prevalence in some of the world’s biggest mobile payment markets is huge. China’s big two – Alipay and WeChatPay – both perform the vast majority of retail transactions using the system.

The upgrade to Venmo comes as PayPal reported increased traction for the platform.

In its latest earnings statement for the three months to the end of June, PayPal reported Venmo transaction values were up 103% year-on-year to $8 billion. This follows similar growth in the January to March period.

Since the start of 2017, PayPal increased its P2P presence, inking deals with a number of messaging apps to allow payments to be made through their platforms.

Notably, in February, the company announced a tie-up with Slack and last week signed-up Skype to offer PayPal-powered transfers through its app.