SumUp launches in France, Belgium and Portugal


SumUp, the company that enables merchants to take debit and credit payments with their smartphones, has launched in France, Belgium and Portugal.

Businesses in these countries will now be able to sign up to the service through the SumUp app (available on both iOS and Android) or via the SumUp website, and receive native language assistance from the SumUp support team.

SumUp launched in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Austria, in August this year, and expanded to Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands in November. Today’s launches mean that SumUp’s technology is available to businesses in ten distinct European markets – more than any other mobile POS technology provider. Crucially, SumUp is capable of processing MasterCard and VISA payments in all of the countries it operates in.

Daniel Klein, CEO of SumUp, commentes: “Our technology is both incredibly flexible and incredibly portable. However, extending the secure and reliable payments infrastructure we have developed into new markets is not at all easy – although it is certainly just as crucial. We have now brought pay-as-you-go card payments to the ten central European economies – and will continue to innovate to ensure that we maintain our position as the mobile point-of-sale company with the largest international footprint.”