100 thousand users – largest Hungarian mobile payment system


MasterCard Mobile, based on Cellum’s technology, has reached the milestone of 100,000 downloads in May. The service was launched in 2011, making payments via mobile available at nearly 200 merchants as of now.

Cellum has been present in the mobile payment industry for nearly 10 years mastercard-mobile-iconnow. Starting with pay-by-text systems, the company now offers a full range of mobile payment solutions in Hungary and Bulgaria, and is about to deploy them in other countries as well. MasterCard Mobile, the product of the joint cooperation of MasterCard, T-Mobile, Telenor, FHB Bank and Cellum and based entirely on Cellum’s technology, is today the leading option for mobile payment.

“We launched the application one and a half years ago. Last spring we celebrated 10,000 downloads. Now we have over 100,000 people using Cellum’s app on their phone. Our goal is to have it on most smartphones in Hungary, while at the same time expanding to neighboring countries through large banks and telco partners,” says Cellum’s Director of Strategy Balázs Inotay.

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