ANZ and Visa trial contactless iPhone


Australia’s ANZ and Visa have teamed up to pilot an iPhone case that turns the handset into a contactless payments device.

The four week trial will see 50 participants from the Sydney and Melbourne offices of the two companies given the cases with a secure microSD memory card that hosts a pre-paid ANZ account that can be topped up over the internet. This will enable them to make payments of under A$100 at POS by waving the phones against contactless readers that are already installed at over 20,000 outlets across the country.

The system taps technology from DeviceFidelity which has already been piloted in the US by Wells Fargo, Bank of America and US Bancorp (see previous MPW’s). Vipin Kalra, country manager, Visa, says: “The possibilities with mobile are endless, your mobile could allow more than just payments – you could manage your account, detect fraud and receive real time offers from merchants. Your mobile could become the new virtual wallet – it’s in the future but that’s definitely where we’re headed.”

Indeed, MPW was recently invited to the Visa Insights 11 meeting and it was made perfectly clear by the senior management that mobile is of key strategic focus for them. Peter Ayliffe, Visa Europe President and CEO, in culminating his presentation took cash and threw it into the crowd and then proceeded to remove his cards and throwing them onto the floor, declaring, ‘In the future, I will not need these