Apple integrate payments into PassBook


Cellum Group has announced at the Apps World conference in London that their mobile payment solution with bank grade security has now been integrated into the latest iPhone OS.

Currently iPhone’s PassBook application has only allowed the storage and use of coupons, loyalty cards and tickets. The Cellum solution offers the possibility of integrating debit and credit cards as well, opening up new opportunities in mobile payment usage worldwide.

Introduced as part of Apple’s iOS6, PassBook is defined as a general storage application for coupons, e-tickets and loyalty cards. With PassBook, users can use their phones to handle purchasing cards or even boarding tickets that would otherwise take the form of plastic cards or paper vouchers. As an open-platform application, PassBook does not offer high security standards and has not been suitable for highly sensitive bank payment solutions, including the storage of bank card details.

‘To our knowledge, this is the first mobile payment solution that can be integrated into PassBook’, said Jeff McAllister, SVP, Cellum following his presentation in London. ‘The next step in the evolution of e-commerce is m-commerce and this starts with a downloadable commercial application. The demo version presented at the conference represents a breakthrough as it can unify mobile payment while ensuring bank grade security.’