Australian banks urged to split online and m-banking


Research commissioned by Australia’s incumbent telecom operator, Telstra, urges banks to sever the link between online and m-banking to meet the demands of a dissatisfied micro business market.

The research, conducted by Roy Morgan, was to find out how banks can better serve micro-sized businesses. It found that 45% of micro business people don’t see a role for a PC in their workplace, but 60% have access to 3G mobiles.

The problem is that most Australian banks make customers register for online banking before they can gain access via mobile. The research showed that micro business people are among the most mobile of all workers, with 66% operating from several locations and 51% spend all of their time on the road.

Those micro business workers that don’t see the need for a PC in their workplace are: mobile workers (25%); trades people and service providers (20%).

Mark McCrindle, social researcher and principal at McCrindle Research comments that whereas technology may have been a barrier to micro business people taking up online banking in the past, the use of smartphones for more and more applications means people are becoming increasingly tech savvy, hence technology is no longer an issue.