Banks still top for consumer trust


Consumers trust banks far more than they do companies like Google, Apple and Amazon to protect their card details and personal financial information, according to research by Bizrate Insights.

Bizrate Insights, a division of Connexity (formerly Shopzilla), found in a survey of over 6200 online

A laptop, mobile phone and tablet with mobile banking apps
Banks far outstrip tech pretenders for consumer trust

buyers, a considerable lack of trust around credit card and personal information security among even the biggest online retailers and internet technology providers – according to Finextra.

With major retail breaches hitting the headlines, the study found that three out of four (76%) online buyers are dissatisfied with the strength of credit card and personal information security among retailers.

While this is not entirely surprising, the preference for banks as trusted repositories continues to outstrip the faith placed in new entrants to the payments business, such as Google, Apple and Amazon.

Across all generations and both genders, a shopper’s own bank is trusted the most with credit card data and personally identifiable information – some 72% of all respondents.

PayPal and Amazon rank second and third with scores of 48.9% and 45.4% respectively, while Apple gets the vote of just 21.4% of consumers. Google brings up the rear with a measly 12.9% trust score.

Despite the findings, Hayley Silver, VP of Bizrate Insights, believes PayPal still has it all to play for, particularly among younger consumers.

“PayPal ranking number two, and with greater than 50% trust from the younger generations, could be a ‘Major Opportunity’ that deserves more investigation among its customer base,” she says. “With low barriers to usage and such high levels of trust, PayPal could make a strong case to add a wallet-less payment option to its arsenal.”

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