Buyster moves into m-commerce


With the backing of its shareholders and Banque de France approval, Buyster is launching its internet payment solution for landlines and mobiles as part of the e-commerce Paris 2011 trade fair, as it aims to become the leading internet payment method option.

Against the background of continuing growth in e-commerce and strong development in mobile phone use, Buyster will launch its innovative online payment solution, which is expected to improve the security of payment transactions over the internet and finally provide a payment solution suitable for m-commerce.

Buyster offers the possibility of associating your bank card with your mobile phone number. From now on, it will be possible to pay over the internet using a fixed or mobile phone without ever releasing bank details. Each transaction undergoes double security, firstly by a secret code and secondly by mobile phone.

As a payment firm approved by Banque de France, Buyster also makes a commitment to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of personal information, while developing a very close relationship with users via its access to an email and call support service.