CaixaBank launches the CaixaBank Pay mobile payment service


CaixaBank has launched ‘CaixaBank Pay’, a new app for any NFC-enabled or android devices. The bank estimates that the service could be used by more than 70% of its mobile banking customers.

With the new payment app, customers can download their CaixaBank Visa cards to their

CaixaBank launches the CaixaBank Pay mobile payment service
CaixaBank launches the CaixaBank Pay mobile payment service

mobile phones and use the phone like a contactless card for purchases at any retail outlooks with an adapted POS terminal. Over 70% of stores in Spain now operate with this technology, implying more than 600,000 POS terminals. The app can also be used at contactless ATMs.

The new app is based on HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology, which allows for secure downloading of financial cards. This way, CaixaBank Pay makes it easy for any customer with a CaixaBank Visa card and Android phone to make payments, irrespective of their telecommunications operator. The only technical requirements are to have an Android 4.4 or higher operating system and NFC capability.

Mobile phone download of CaixaBank cards in less than a minute

To use the service, customers must first download the CaixaBank Pay app. Then, they must download their card to their phone. This is a quick and easy process carried out using the CaixaBank Pay app. Customers choose the cards they want on their phones and then a PIN. The download starts automatically and the card is available for use in a matter of seconds.

In addition to making payments, CaixaBank Pay users can also check their statements and manage their purchases. For instance, customers can see how much credit they have available and check the latest movements on the cards.

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