Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Invoices instead of smileys – will we soon be able to pay via WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is now firmly integrated into the everyday lives of millions of people across Europe. The question of where and when to have drinks or dinner is now often discussed and agreed through a...

MasterCard on biometric payments and security

Mobile Payments World interviewed Ajay Bhalla of MasterCard to understand what is hot in the world of biometric payments including selfie pay and securing the further digitisation of payments.  

PSD2 open banking: The ticking timebomb for financial institutions

The overall idea behind PSD2 open banking is not new, Yodlee and others have for a while aggregate accounts, and they have done this through a process known as screen scraping. Now though the...

NFC: A technology in search of a problem?

According to a report from IHS, contactless payments could be about to receive a significant boost, with global Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled handset shipments set to soar four-fold in the next five years. To date NFC...

Live @ MWC: Google Glass barcode scanning

GS1 have announced that they will be demonstrating the power of barcode scanning in evolving mobile devices using the widely speculated Google Glass platform. This demonstration, the first of its kind in Europe using Google Glass...

Contactless and the future of payments

Our society has seen an incredible rate of technological change over the past few decades. Never before have people borne witness to such rapid change – not even during the famed Industrial Revolution. This change...

Consumers beware: five ways your identity can be stolen

Jumio has revealed the top five ways that identity thieves and fraudsters target victims, in conjunction with the release of a new report entitled The Fraudsters Playbook.
Screen Scraping

Open Banking: Why banks don’t get the API economy

The Open Banking ecosystem can learn a lot from the smartphone operating system (OS) market. In particular, banks that are developing APIs in a bid to control the new ecosystem should ask themselves this: Why...

GDPR rules: Never collect data without consent

To be a successful business in Europe in 2018, you will need to be able to demonstrate GDPR compliance. Numerous articles have already detailed what GDPR is, the ramifications of failing to comply with...

Bitcoin: The stats so far

Has Bitcoin, the universal crypto currency, finally gone mainstream?

Latest News

Payment industry history with first AES DUKPT key management implementation

Verifone says it has implemented AES DUKPT with its end-to-end encryption solution, VeriShield Total Protect, its Engage family of payment devices, and Carbon 8 & 10. Co-designed by Verifone, AES DUKPT...
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