CHARGE Anywhere enable NFC payments


CHARGE Anywhere has enabled NFC for credit and debit card processing on its PA DSS validated mobile payment software, CHARGE Anywhere v 2.0.0.

Merchants with CHARGE Anywhere software can now accept payment from a NFC card with their mobile phones by simply tapping their customer’s NFC enabled card against their Nokia phone.

Dr. Thami Smires, CTO at CHARGE Anywhere, introduced the solution in a joint presentation with Nokia at the Electronic Transaction Association Strategic Leadership Forum in New York. “With the completed integration and implementation of NFC card payment acceptance into our validated payment applications we have further enhanced the security and capability of mobile card processing for acquirers and merchants. With this technology a merchant can accept PayPass and Paywave NFC contactless card payments with their Nokia phone,” comments Dr. Smires.

“CHARGE Anywhere has distinguished itself by PA DSS validating and enabling mobile payments on a wide variety of platforms: from BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and J2ME smart phones, POS terminals, Netbooks and PCs. This latest NFC implementation is a valuable addition to our technology portfolio giving merchants the choice to process any kind of payment, from any location, while utilizing PCI secure technology that is readily available,” concludes Paul Sabella, CEO, CHARGE Anywhere.