CHARGE Anywhere launches mobile payments in Nigeria


CHARGE Anywhere has launched its mobile payments platform in Nigeria. The explosion of interest in mobile payments in emerging markets garnered a need to deliver mobile transactions securely. G-Pay Africa has selected CHARGE Anywhere as their premiere offering to be distributed

“CHARGE Anywhere delivers a vast array of PCI PA DSS validated mobile payment offerings, allowing us to provide our customers not only traditional card payment transactions, but also pre-paid utility payment services. All transactions are processed securely, with proof of a printed receipt. This is what we need to be successful,” says Edmund Olotu, CEO, G-Pay Instant Payments.

The pilot, demonstrating prepaid utility bill applications, is running on mobile phones and GPRS wireless POS terminals processing and recording payments for traditional Bank/ATM card and cash transactions. “We couldn’t be more excited with the launch in Nigeria. Anyone who is looking for mobile payments requires a secure payment ecosystem that is flexible, adaptable and can keep pace with the evolution of mobile payments,” comments John Malone, VP, business development mobile payments.

The pilot phase will conclude in 2011, followed by full launch and installation in the same year.