CHARGE Anywhere supports the way5000


CHARGE Anywhere has announced the support of WAY Systems’ way5000 device.

The way5000 enables merchants to process credit and PIN debit transactions securely anywhere, any time. CHARGE Anywhere also provides a number of value-added services including a free transaction manager and web terminal with every device on the Payment Gateway.

‘CHARGE Anywhere is constantly expanding on available solutions and growing in the industry. We are connecting to our merchants to meet their needs for the long term success of both CHARGE Anywhere and the businesses of our merchants,’ says Paul Sabella, CEO, CHARGE Anywhere. ‘Being able to decide which solution best fits your particular business is a valuable tool for all merchants.’

The way5000 PCI PED approved credit and debit device is a new generation of WAY Systems’ wireless transaction processing terminals. This low-cost terminal is programmable, runs multiple applications and can download new applications or update over-the-air (OTA).

With the combined efforts of CHARGE Anywhere and Way Systems, merchants have the option of using a PCI PED certified, pocket sized mobile payment solution that will enable them to take their business with them anywhere while qualifying for lower transaction rates.