Clickatell supports Sterling Bank Nigeria


Clickatell says that Sterling Bank has launched its CardGuard fraud protection service using its messaging platform.

The addition of Sterling Bank Nigeria to its stable of financial services organizations across Africa extends Clickatell’s leadership as the top banking message provider on the Continent. Expanding into Nigeria, Clickatell is responding to rising customer demand for messaging services that deliver to end users more information and services via their mobile phone.

A first among Nigerian banks, Sterling Banks CardGuard incorporates the custome’s mobile phone into its network of services. Banks across Africa have tapped into the ubiquity of the mobile phone to interact with their customers and enlist their help in monitoring card activity for fraudulent charges.

Clickatell works with the largest banks in South Africa and Kenya, for example, to provide SMS messaging for banking customer service and fraud monitoring, and that trend has now come to Nigeria with Sterling Bank. With CardGuard, Sterling Bank Plc Nigeria customers can now use their mobile devices to freeze their account should they note a fraudulent withdrawal.

‘The mobile phone is a powerful customer service channel that helps us respond immediately to our customers while providing an extra layer of protection, for them and for us, against fraudulent activities,’ says Devendra Puri, executive director, Operations and Technology of Sterling Bank Nigeria.

‘Clickatell comes with a wealth of experience in working with financial services providers and we wanted a leading partner in launching this valuable new product. The cost-effective and reliable service that Clickatell provides helped us to improve our customer relationship and protect our bottom line while opening a new revenue source with new mobile capabilities.’