Croatian Postal Bank launches m-banking


Asseco SEE Croatia and Croatian Postal Bank, the largest Croatian-owned bank and seventh bank in Croatia by size, finished successfully at the end of last year implementation of mobile banking solution ASEBA JiMBa in Croatian Postal Bank.

After implementation of Asseco’s solution, bank’s clients have new service called HPB-m-banking at disposal. The service enables easy and fast tracking and management of finances on all types of accounts opened in the bank through mobile phones.

HPB-m-banking offers different functionalities that can be performed on the go. It works on all popular mobile platforms of different mobile phones manufacturers and in all mobile networks of all mobile operators.

Some of the available functionalities of the solution or service are: checking of balances and transactions on all accounts opened within the bank, insight into balances of savings, installments and credits; tracking of limits and transactions related to debit and credit cards; current payments and payments that will be performed on a particular date in the future; purchase of GSM prepaid vouchers; checking of exchange rates and purchase and selling of foreign currencies.

‘HPB-m-banking is another innovative service of Croatian Postal Bank intended for users of modern and popular technologies. It is simple to use, fast, available always and everywhere, and what is the most important, extremely secure. Security of the application is the part that was very important to us,’ said Nina Solomun, executive director at Croatian Postal Bank.