Deutsche Telekom launches MyWallet smartphone wallet


Deutsche Telekom customers can now make purchases with their smartphones with the launch of MyWallet which turns smartphones1 into digital wallets.

The app, the digital payment card and an NFC sticker are available for contactless mobile

An NFC enable MyWallet phone at POS
MyWallet and MyWallet Card: digital wallet and payment card instead of cash

payment in Germany. With the launch of MyWallet, Deutsche Telekom is laying an important cornerstone for the promising payments market.

In addition to payments, other services will also become digital. “In the future, our customers will not only use their digital wallets to make payments, but also store concert tickets, membership cards or bonus points,” says Michael Hagspihl, Director of Marketing at Telekom Deutschland.

“All customers who sign up for mobile payments with the MyWallet Card now will get an introductory bonus of up to €40.”

MyWallet, the digital wallet

MyWallet can be downloaded as a free app from the Google Play Store. The app already turns 18 smartphone models1 from Samsung and Sony into digital wallets. “As a result, more than 2 million Deutsche Telekom customers in Germany already have the technology for mobile payment,” says Thomas Kiessling, Chief Product & Innovation at Deutsche Telekom.

“And also on an international level we will launch mobile payment products this year. In Slovakia we will introduce our payment solution mid-May. In Hungary – after a test phase with services like payment and ticketing – a commercial launch is also planned for this year.”

In addition to the app and a MyWallet-capable Android smartphone from Deutsche Telekom, customers need an NFC-enabled SIM card to use the digital wallet. The SIM card serves as a secure data safe for the payment data and will be shipped with every new MyWallet-capable smartphone starting now. Deutsche Telekom customers who already use a suitable smartphone can order the NFC SIM card free of charge.

MyWallet Card – easy, secure mobile payments

The first MyWallet service is a payment card using a prepaid MasterCard. Users can pay at more than 35,000 PayPass merchants throughout Germany and more than 1.6 million merchants worldwide.

Mobile payments aren’t limited to the above Android smartphones, either: users of other mobile phones and even other operating systems – such as iOS, Windows Phone and Firefox OS – can also use the MyWallet Card the way they would use a conventional plastic card, with an NFC tag. The NFC tag is attached to the back of the phone and replaces the NFC antenna.

1 List of smartphones (Telekom-branded)


Galaxy S III / LTE / Galaxy S III mini NFC

Galaxy S4 LTE /LTE+ / Active / Galaxy S4 mini

Galaxy S5

Galaxy Fame / Galaxy Young / Galaxy Express / Galaxy Mega

Note 3 LTE

Sony: Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z1 compact, SP und M

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