DIMOCO offers gateway billing


DIMOCO is now offering mobile payment processing for the first time via the billing interfaces of all four network operators in Austria. To date, gateway billing has only been available on a separate basis; now, the DIMOCO Mobile Messaging and Payment Transactions Hub has been implemented area-wide.

Billing digital merchandise – regardless whether mobile content or web content – via the billing gateways is a distinct advantage with respect to flexible pricing and service set-up. Together with the Austrian network operators, DIMOCO provides different payment methods for mobile content or web content to best meet the content providers’ different needs and requirements in these fields.

DIMOCO has consistently followed the strategy introduced at the beginning of this year, thereby strengthening its position as a competent and versatile mobile payment operator for digital merchandise provided via cell phones and the web. DIMOCO’s customers include companies in all industries, for example online-media companies, app developers or companies operating in the new and booming fields of virtual merchandise in browser games and social networks.

‘With this type of billing we have demonstrated the continuous development of our DIMOCO hub,’ confirms Gerald Tauchner, CEO, DIMOCO. ‘The completed implementation of the gateway billing interfaces to all Austrian network operators has created the opportunity to use this type of billing Austria-wide for the first time. This makes us the first to be able to provide our customers in the virtual and digital internet merchandise sector a complete and flexible payment method with the best conditions.’