Droplet chooses London for ‘capital’ payment revolution


After a successful Beta trial in Britain’s second city, mobile payments platform Droplet is launching in London.

Droplet is a mobile payments app that lets you load money onto your phone and send payments for free. 60 merchants in Birmingham, the UK’s no.2 city, signed up within weeks after being impressed with ‘no transactional fees’ and over 2,500 users have downloaded and registered with the App.

The move to the capital marks a significant step-change for the business, which was founded in 2012 by a team of young tech entrepreneurs over an informal coffee-shop discussion.  “We’ve been thrilled with the response to our initial Beta trial,” explains co-founder and CEO, Steffan Aquarone.

“Birmingham is a tremendous city and a great place to try something new with a receptive audience and a vibrant independent retail scene. We knew if we could prove the concept, we’d have a successful model we could roll out across the UK.”

Droplet’s initial success has been down to its ease of use and the attraction of choosing an alternative to banking and credit card systems, with the London launch marking the introduction of some of its ‘killer features’.

In the coming weeks, users will be able to do more than just send payments. Thanks to Droplet Tools: the ‘platform’, developers can build customised features for merchants so they can offer extra things to people who pay with the App, from mobile loyalty to pre-order options. This means users being able to do more with their phones and an end to the frustrating barriers they usually experience when paying via mobile.

“We know about delivering a great payment experience, which is why we’re opening up the platform to let other developers build the things they know about,” continues CTO, Will Grant.

“Whether you want to help people get everything together for an evening out, dispatch virtual goods in seconds, or allow customers to order without leaving their seats, Droplet Tools helps realise the true potential of mobile commerce.”

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