Dutch banks introduce mobile payments


UL has announced the soft launch of mobile payments in Leiden, The Netherlands, and has been actively working with the Dutch banks for the past year to make this happen.

The soft launch will introduce mobile payments to the public for a periodMobile payment of three months, starting this September 2nd. UL’s Transaction Security service line Advisory Services has assisted the initiative with preparing for this soft launch from the start.

Prior to the launch date, UL assisted the banks with strategic advice, test services and project management. UL contributed to the payments experience for consumers and merchants by optimizing the wallet interface and carrying out detailed low-level performance optimizations.

“UL is very pleased to be part of this initiative. As an innovative company we have been working with mobile payments for some years now and it is great to see one of the initiatives being launched in Leiden where our headquarter is located,” comments Amos Kater, manager of the mobile competence center at UL Transaction Security.

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