Epicor delivers mobile retail POS


Raising the bar for what today’s top retailers can accomplish with mobile technology, Epicor Software has announced its Epicor Retail Store POS offering is now fully mobile-enabled for easy deployment and use on Apple iPad, iPod and Windows mobile devices.

The company also announced the formation of a new dedicated retail mobility team, to provide targeted professional services resources to assist retailers in transforming their operations via the power of mobile technology.

‘Enabling retailers to improve customer service, streamline transactions, and promote sound customer relationship management’, the Retail Mobile Store module features a touch screen user interface, first debuted in the Retail Store 6.0 POS release, as well as extensive customization capabilities.

The module is fully supported under Epicor’s App Builder, which enables customers to customize the look and feel, as well as other features to meet each retailer’s unique business requirements. Retailers with customizations in their existing software deployments can rest easy knowing that these customizations will persist and be immediately consumed by the mobile device.

The Epicor Retail Mobile Store module features shared printer functionality, meaning the device can be mapped to print to any fixed printer in the area. Epicor also has leveraged its extensive in-house expertise in the area of PCI-PADSS to develop a new mobile credit card application designed to reduce the PCI footprint and enable retailers to be fully compliant with current regulation in this area. The Retail Mobile Store offering is backwards-compatible, integrating with all Retail Store 6 versions.

Mobile is key to improving customer service and comes at a time when retailers are increasingly looking to mobilize their operations. A 2010 survey of US retailers conducted by Forbes Insights, in association with Research In Motion (RIM), found that nearly three out of four (73%) retailers now have some type of mobile initiative in place, while 20% are in the process of evaluating the mobile channel.

And, according to a recent report published by Gartner, “In the past 12 months, ‘hot’ and much-hyped topics that continue to dominate the retail market relate to how mobile technologies and social media are providing the customer with opportunities to take more control and get a more customized and personalized shopping process anywhere and anytime.” Furthermore, “the mobile channel has the potential to impact much more revenue in the e-commerce and physical store channels.”

In a recent survey, Gartner asked retail customers to rate the top three factors that they believe are most important in defining a good service experience in retail stores. “The results show that, on average across all the retail segments, customers cited faster check-out as a top-three customer service basic. Mobile POS can help to support faster throughput and improve customer service in the store, especially during peak trading periods, such as the Christmas holiday period.”