Ericsson launches in application payment


Ericsson has announced the launch of its In Application Payment service based on their IPX service platform which is integrated to over 120 carriers.

With In app payment, a consumer in a game or other application can now with one click, rapidly complete a purchase without leaving the application, without having a credit card and without using anything else but their mobile phone. Simplifying the payment options to the consumer should reflect on increasing numbers of conversion to purchase.

Adam Kerr, head of Ericsson’s m-commerce business, says ‘People are spending increasing amounts of time and money on applications. Research firm Ovum projects that revenues from paid mobile apps will top $3.7 billion in 2011 and expects this to increase to $7.7 billion in 2016. In order to reach these kinds of numbers it’s got to be easy for the consumer.’

In app payment opens applications to many more buyers and allows retailers to flexibly offer a range of payment models.

These include try before you buy as well as rental and subscription models. The model can be applied to game levels, maps, and digital content such as music, books and other in-application assets. For very small payments measured in cents, a virtual currency can be used.

For the applications developer or content provider the flexibility of wrapper technology and an SDK (Software Development Kit) now make it simple to offer alternative payment methods within their applications. Furthermore the In application service automatically adjusts to the many different technical payment options used by mobile networks globally and makes it easier for them to retail applications over networks in many different countries.