First multi-asset digital wallet bridges gap between fiat and cryptocurrencies

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First multi-asset digital wallet bridges gap between fiat and cryptocurrencies

WAWLLET has launched the world’s first regulatory-compliant multi-asset wallet and personal financial passport, connecting people, banks and financial services, letting users transfer between them instantly, wherever their accounts or assets may be in the world..

WAWLLET bridges traditional and crypto finance to connect people, banks and financial services, removing friction, saving time and cutting costs. For example, why not use a cryptocurrency to pay your credit card bill, buy bitcoin from your bank or, if you want to invest in commodities, buy some gold.

“The link between fiat and cryptocurrencies is key to mass adoption of decentralized blockchain currencies and technologies,” says Mihail Lala, Founder, WAWLLET. “As cryptocurrencies become more prominent and personal online banking thrives, the world needs a secure multi-asset wallet. We know that more and more people want a simple, secure solution for managing the growing complexity of multiple asset and currency classes. We have architected just that solution.

WAWLLET will integrate Banks, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Commodity Traders and Vaults from every targeted jurisdiction. It is fully based on cryptocurrency and blockchain rails for transferring assets from one customer to another, regardless of locale or local currency.

By building a unified, regulatory-compliant on-boarding process that leverages advanced identity management mechanisms and cryptocurrency rails, WAWLLET will enable a cost-effective transaction, with minimum friction to users in any country, while delivering secured platform.