France takes NFC lead with Cityzi


Bouygues Telecom, NRJ Mobile, Orange and SFR announce that more than 1 million Cityzi mobile phones have been sold in France as of the first half of 2012. Increasing numbers of French are selecting these devices due to the availability of multiple Cityzi mobile phones, the wide range of services and growing uses. The AFSCM (Association for Mobile Contactless in France) has launched, a new website to support the deployment of mobile contactless services in France.

In Europe, France ranks among the top countries in terms of people equipped with NFC mobile phone. France is on the road to large-scale deployment to bring the number of French that have Cityzi mobile phones to 2.5 million by the end of 2012. According to Brigitte Bourgoin, President of the AFSCM ‘French Mobile Operators have prioritize for the past several years mobile contactless phones. Thanks to this investment, they have now sold one million Cityzi mobile phones in France as of the first half of 2012.’ Customers can use Cityzi mobile phones with NFC for 100% secure access to mobile services that make their daily lives easier.

When Cityzi was launched in Nice in May 2010, Nice inhabitants only had one mobile phone option – the Samsung Player One Cityzi. Today, manufacturers are committed to NFC; almost every manufacturer now offers a range of mobile phones compatible with Cityzi services on various Operating Systems (Android, BlackBerry OS, etc.). In France, customers can select one of the 14 Cityzi mobile phones provided by the MNOs, including the very popular Samsung Galaxy S2 and Sony Xperia S. The French can now select their preferred Cityzi mobile phone – there is one for every budget and every need.

The purpose of the new website is to support large-scale deployment of Cityzi services and their ever-increasing use. is for anyone interested in mobile contactless in France: the general public, merchants and distributors, application developers, local governments, manufacturers, media outlets, etc. It provides useful information about mobile contactless services, Cityzi mobile phones and how to develop and deploy Cityzi compatible applications.