G&D shows security dominance


Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) has developed the first prototype of a complete security platform for a mobile handset, with Qualcomm’s support, and displayed its proof-of-concept solution running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The demo will show how the MobiCore secure application environment and the Snapdragon’s security architecture delivers a complete ARM TrustZone technology-based security platform to address the requirements of services ranging from mobile payment with secure PIN entry and content management to key management and general user authentication.

The MobiCore environment provides a fully certifiable security solution that enables applications using dedicated security solutions today to be integrated into advanced mobile devices based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform.

‘MobiCore is of great interest to banks and payment service providers in increasingly leveraging the capabilities of smartphones within the security frameworks of existing payment systems. G&D sees Qualcomm as a key partner to bring this technology to market,’ explains Dr. Kai Grassie, head, new business division, G&D.

Recently, G&D and ARM announced their strategic partnership for the development of highly secure mobile platforms combining the MobiCore operating system and ARM TrustZone technology which creates a protected area in advanced systems-on-chip.

The Snapdragon security architecture incorporates ARM TrustZone technology, allowing MobiCore to execute essential security functions in a multitasking environment parallel to a general purpose operating system. Access to such security functions is provided via a common set of APIs, quickly enabling the developer communities to take advantage of such features.

Similarly, G&D are working together with Toro Development to develop a cutting-edge offering for mobile financial applications based on G&D’s Mobile Security Card and TORO’s Akami mobile platform.

This new offering addresses the booming market of secure applications on mobile phones. It brings to the market a series of stand-alone solutions for secure applications that will not necessarily evolve toward near-field communication (NFC), such as mobile banking, mobile remittance and mobile ATM.

‘G&D and TORO complement each other in offering secure and convenient mobile financial applications. TORO is a company that understands the importance of both, security and the mobile user experience, and help get the best out of our products. They already make it easy, convenient, and very appealing to users to operate secure applications from mobile devices,’ says Marcus Rosin, MD, G&D Secure Flash Solution.