Gemalto and TI collaborate on Mobile Financial Services


Gemalto is to collaborate with Texas Instruments (TI) to enable Gemalto Mobile Financial Services on TI’s OMAP platform and M-Shield security technology for mobile devices.

The solution provides an integrated security platform for handset manufacturers and carriers to create a rich user experience for customers to securely conduct mobile financial transactions.

“As mobile devices become increasingly personal, end users continue to share and access more sensitive information on the go, including mobile financial services,” explains Fred Cohen, director, wireless OMAP ecosystem, TI. ‘TI’s OMAP platform and Trusted Logic’s Trusted Foundation software together provide a strong balance of security and functionality for manufacturers and operators to increase security, instil confidence in their offerings and protect customers’ assets. This allows end users to experience rich mobile user interfaces in the secure application environment provided by our combined offering.’

Gemalto’s Mobile Financial Services runs on TI’s OMAP platform trusted execution environment, which includes Trusted Logic’s Trusted Foundations. This secure environment provides protection for financial based applications stored and used on leading smartphones built with the TI OMAP processor equipped with M-Shield security technology. Applications can be secured with strong two-factor authentication – verifying the user and the phone – which requires the user to enter securely a PIN prior to gaining access to financial services applications.

Gemalto acquired Trusted Logic in September 2009 as part of its ongoing strategy to be the leader in digital security and associated software and services. Trusted Logic’s Trusted Foundations provides an environment to secure sensitive applications on the handset and other devices. First deployments of this software focused on enterprise security and Digital Rights Management (DRM) to protect premium content.

This environment has now expanded to mobile financial services. The technology is currently being turned on by leading handset manufacturers for use on multiple operating systems including Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.