Giesecke & Devrient acquires Nokia’s shares in Venyon


Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) and Nokia say that G&D has become the sole shareholder in Venyon by acquiring the shares held by Nokia. G&D held a majority of the shares before the acquisition. Since its creation in 2006, Venyon has established itself as one of the leading trusted service managers (TSM) in the mobile NFC market.

‘As the market for NFC is now maturing, the time is right for us to focus our efforts even more on NFC-enabled mobile devices and solutions designed to support NFC,’ says Mark Selby, VP, industry collaborations, Nokia. ‘We believe Venyon’s crucial role as a trusted third party working with mobile operators and service providers is best supported through full ownership by Giesecke & Devrient, who are recognized experts in secure applications in this market.’

As a TSM, Venyon provides trusted services to provision and manage applications such as credit cards or transit tickets securely over the mobile network on the use’s NFC-enabled mobile phone. Venyon is well positioned to provide aggregating TSM services between mobile network operators issuing NFC-capable SIM cards and service providers such as transit companies and banks on the growing NFC market.

‘This move to acquire full ownership of Venyon is another key milestone in G&D’s strategy. It will enable us to continue to expand our position as a provider of secure mobile phone solutions – from SIM and secure microSD cards through software to the secure administration of critical applications on the mobile phone,’ explains Karsten Ottenberg, CEO, Giesecke & Devrient. ‘The market for NFC solutions is expected to develop steadily. Venyon has built up leading service expertise in the NFC ecosystem, which will also be useful to us in other business sectors.’

G&D estimates that the demand for NFC services is increasing worldwide. With its industry-leading expertise combined with G&D’s position in the SIM and secure applications market, Venyon is well positioned to provide TSM services to banks, transit operators, mobile network operators and other stakeholders planning to commercialize their NFC services.