Greggs accepts contactless


Greggs, the high street bakery chain, is to accept payments using new contactless technology – just months after it moved over from a cash-only business. The north east-based company is to install around 3,500 Spire Payment devices across its 1,500 stores.

A spokesperson at Greggs said: ‘Card payments and especially contactless payments are extremely suitable for our growing business. The vast majority of the transactions are below £15 and the introduction of contactless payments will greatly enhance the customer experience within Greggs.’

A spokesperson at Lloyds TSB Cardnet said: ‘We and our partners are very pleased to support Greggs, with the acceptance of payments via card and contactless cards. We are sure that their customers’ experience will be enhanced by speed of transaction and convenience. New and regular customers to Greggs will be pleased to know that they have the ability to pay by card.’

Spire Payments’ Optimum T4220 terminals, which include contactless technology, enable customers to ‘touch and pay’ in less than a second, helping to reduce queue times during peak trading periods and particularly at lunch time.