Hewlett-Packard expands its activities in mobile banking and payments


HP says it will further expand its activity in the mobile banking and payments

PKO mobile banking app
Hewlett-Packard expands its activities in mobile payments and banking

industry, through the signing of a global agreement with Accumulate.

Following a successful implementation of the IKO mobile payment scheme in Poland with PKO Bank Polski, HP is taking the Accumulate technology and project experience to a number of new markets under a wider partnership.

HP offers secure processing solutions and payment technologies to a number of banks and telecommunication companies in the Americas, Europe and Asia. HP says it decided to add the Accumulate technology to its core portfolio, to enable a number of its global customers to use a proven solution in mobile payments, mobile banking and mobile security services.

“The digitalisation wave on consumers is making mobile a critical channel for payment and services. HP is a trusted partner for the design and run of secure, mission critical payment systems,” comments Ed Adshead-Grant, GM, HP Cards and Payments.

“The Accumulate solution, wrapped in an HP delivery with our analytics and secure hosting options, gives our clients another compelling proposition to win and keep their customers.”

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