hyperWALLET launches hyperREMIT


hyperWALLET Systems has announced the launch of hyperREMIT, a low-cost SMS international remittance service from Canada to the Philippines. hyperREMIT enables Canadians to quickly send funds to recipients in the Philippines using a variety of secure remittance options, starting from just $6.00 CAD per transfer.

Through hyperREMIT, Canadians can transfer funds via bank deposit, cash pickup and door-to-door delivery, or via Smart Money transfers and prepaid airtime top-ups (coming end Q4 2010). Transfers can be quickly initiated over the phone or through SMS, and funds are typically available to Philippine recipients within 1 business day. With the upcoming Smart Money transfer option, remittances can be sent to any Smart subscribe’s mobile phone and accompanying reloadable Smart Money MasterCard cash card, providing them with quick and convenient access to their funds.

‘Filipino Canadians rely on text messaging to stay in touch with loved ones. Now they can use the same mechanism to remit funds back home,’ states Lisa Shields, CEO, hyperWALLET Systems. ‘Through hyperREMIT, we are introducing a new paperless and agentless model for the remittance industry – a model that strengthens community relationships, rewards loyalty, and dramatically lowers the cost for senders.’

Canadian senders can sign up for hyperREMIT at www.hyperremit.com. There, they can fund their hyperREMIT account via pre-authorized debit or bill payment, add or manage Philippine recipients’ account details, or review remittance transaction details at any time. Using hyperREMIT’s mobile remittance service, senders can easily conduct ongoing Philippine money transfers by telephone or SMS text messaging, enabling quick and convenient remittances from the comfort of their own home or while on the go.