INSIDE Contactless and CONNECTHINGS, a pioneer in providing systems that deliver contextualized services and content based on location and time, have announced a partnership to give NFC the intelligence it needs to go beyond payment and transit applications to enable a broad range of mobile services.

To accomplish this, the two companies will jointly develop, promote and commercialize the ‘Wave-Me’ NFC services platform, an end-to-end solution carriers and third-party service providers can use to give subscribers easy access to a broad range of consumer services and applications through their mobile phones.

‘When INSIDE announced its Wave-Me technologies in February of this year, we introduced our vision of a service-rich future for NFC, and the partnership we are announcing today is an important step in realizing that vision,’ comments Loic Hamon, VP, marketing, INSIDE Contactless. ‘Together with CONNECTHINGS, we are developing the key infrastructure elements that will give operators and service providers a powerful NFC service delivery platform and transform how people interact with and use their mobile devices.’

The two companies occupy dominant positions within their respective markets, and their combined expertise and experience create a unique force to drive the development of the Wave-Me NFC services platform and define the intelligent interfaces and protocols necessary for communication between NFC handsets, NFC tags and the platform.

INSIDE will provide its NFC technology know-how, NFC hardware, loadable application-level software for the handset, Wave-Me products, NFC tags and other patented technology. CONNECTHINGS brings knowledge from its AdTag server-side contextualized content management, as well as its experience with NFC tag and mobile application life cycle management and other technologies.

‘This partnership with INSIDE Contactless demonstrates our commitment to distributing and commercializing NFC tags to deliver contextualized services to mobile phone users and to managing tags and application life cycle,’ says Laetitia Gazel-Anthoine, CEO, CONNECTHINGS. ‘We share INSIDE’s vision of consumers using their mobile phones to scan tags to quickly gain access to value added and contextual services, and look forward to working with INSIDE on the creation of this NFC services platform.’

Wave-Me-enabled handsets will allow people to access relevant, profile-based services with a simple gesture. When ‘waved’ near a corresponding tag, the technology automatically simulates a complex series of keystrokes, eliminating awkward, time-consuming, multi-keystroke chores.

Wave-Me tags could also contain relevant phone numbers or complex URLs to send SMS messages or send and retrieve information from web sites. Merchants and other businesses will be able to sponsor Wave-Me applications, with the possibility of displaying branding information not only on the tag, but also on the handset screen with accompanying sound or music.

Museums and cities will be able to provide Wave-Me applications to their visitors, with the possibility of using NFC tags deployed in their environment to access services. These tags will provide quick access not only to a multimedia guide but also to added-value features like annotation and content sharing.