Integral deploys VX contactless POS


For the first time in the UK and Ireland, VeriFone’s next generation VX Evolution payment solutions are being piloted with a number of merchants, by Integral. Integral is the first to gain accreditation for the latest range of mobile and countertop POS systems in the UK and Ireland.

The VeriFone VX Evolution solutions support the latest PCI standards (PCI PTS 3.0) and smartphone protocols for reading contactless enabled cards or NFC enabled smartphones. Today consumers can pay with contactless cards simply by waving or tapping their card on a VeriFone contactless reader, but very soon consumers will be able to utilise their NFC enabled smartphones to pay for goods totaling less than £15, or enter a PIN number on their phone for higher value payments.

Eric Cooney, head of marketing at Integral said: ‘We’re still in the pilot stage, assessing performance in the field and taking customer feedback before rolling out to more merchants. Initial feedback is very positive. Being the first with this new technology means we are ahead of the trend as I firmly believe within a short time many smartphones from major vendors will be NFC capable and this will drive NFC forward as a standard payment method.’