Isis ends a year of caution and achievement


2012 has been a busy year for the Isis Mobile Wallet joint venture, with developers spending the first half of the year ensuring that its infrastructure was in place and thus delaying its planned test launches.

The effort’s pilot testing phase in Austin, Texas, and Salt Lake City opened in late October, with nine NFC-enabled handsets to operate the Isis Mobile Wallet. Isis’ Jim Stapleton says the plan suggests the test phase could last as long as nine months before a wider implementation is deployed. Isis’ broader deployment will bring NFC closer to becoming the preferred technology in mobile payments, but Javelin Research & Strategy CEO Jim Van Dyke thinks Isis’ over cautiousness may put it at a disadvantage.

“I like the benefits of NFC … but why didn’t Isis couple it with some other technologies as a better way to serve its goals?” he asks. Van Dyke also thinks Isis will have difficulty catching up to rivals such as Square because of its delays. He recommends that companies apply a multi-pronged strategy, suggesting that they “use the cloud or [quick response] codes in the short term, while NFC is gathering steam for the long term.”

ISO & Agent Weekly (12/21/12)

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