iZettle UK joins forces with RatedPeople.com


RatedPeople.com, the UK’s largest online trade recommendation service, announced its collaboration with mobile payments provider iZettle.

RatedPeople.com, which has 30,000 registered tradesmen on its books, including plumbers, electricians, bricklayers and carpenters, is rolling out a trial with the Swedish payments firm to enable users to securely accept card payments on the go via their smartphone or tablet device.

CMO of RatedPeople.com, Tariq Dag Khan says: “Finding alternative mobile payment options for our tradesmen is a high priority for us as we know that there is a stigma attached to cash in hand payments, an issue that is unfairly tarnishing the industry. As cheques are gradually being phased out too, we are looking for an innovative payment solution that will help build up the trust between tradesmen and their customers. iZettle’s experience and reputation in this area made them an obvious starting point for us.”

iZettle is handy for tradesmen as it helps them to manage their cash flow and effectively record point of sale transactions for both cash and card payments. Users have said this free service has transformed their accounting and business processes and allows them to spend more time on growing the business and less time on admin.

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