JETCO roll out P2P mobile payments in Hong Kong


JETCO, a bank consortium chartered to develop innovative and secure financial technology services for over 30 member banks in Hong Kong and Macau is set to roll out P2P mobile payments.

JETCO runs on its existing inter-bank network will integrate with a mobile application, providing strong authentication, data encryption and advanced protection against malware attacks. As a result, users can now seamlessly make fund transfer directly from their bank accounts to their friends via P2P mobile payments using mobile numbers.

Hong Kong is ready for mobile payments with a high proliferation of smartphones, widespread acceptance of contactless payments, and favorable government regulations. Therefore, consumers have many choices for mobile payments, and JETCO leverages its inter-bank network of trusted financial brands to boast a high level of security and launch the first-of-its-kind JETCO Pay P2P inter-bank fund transfer services in tandem with 12 banks, which sets it apart as a game-changer for wider mainstream adoption.

“We are glad to have partnered with an industry leader in security and payment solution. Looking ahead, we will pursue and exploit exciting business opportunities together as we both share commitment to deliver world-class products and services to our customers in Hong Kong and beyond,” comments Angus Choi, CEO, JETCO Hong Kong.

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