M-Com offers plug-and-play SaaS for m-banking


M-Com has launched a Software as a Service (SaaS) version of its m-banking and payment platform, BankAnywhere, which is deployed around the world. The new version is called BankAnywhere ASP Edition.

“Having run application service provider (ASP) and multi-tenant mobile financial services since 2006, we have been focused on trying to create a full and complete ASP version of BankAnywhere,” states Adam Clark, CEO and founder, M-Com. “I can categorically say that M-Com now has the best mobile SaaS platform in the world for banks and payment processors.”

M-Com’s strategic partner Fiserv contributed to the development of the new service and has incorporated BankAnywhere ASP Edition technology into its Mobile Money platform. The company announced in July that more than 150 credit unions have chosen to implement Mobile Money, including 84 that are already live.

Using BankAnywhere ASP Edition, financial institutions’ customers and members are able to check balances and transaction history, transfer funds, view and pay bills and receive alerts. These mobile services are available through all three primary mobile access modes; SMS, mobile browser and downloadable apps.

BankAnywhere ASP Edition enables M-Com’s partners to configure and deploy m-banking, alerting and payment services for new financial institution clients through a real-time set up process within BankAnywhere’s web-based administrative console. This includes configuring the service preferences and parameters for mobile financial services on a institution by institution basis.

Earlier in the year, Javelin Strategy and Research ranked M-Com, along with its strategic partner Fiserv, as “best in class” amongst the top 12 mobile banking vendors within the North American market.