Merseyrail first UK rail operator to introduce contactless payment


Merseyrail says that its customers will soon be able to make payments of

A contactless transport terminal
Merseyrail introduce contactless transport payments

£20 or under using contactless technology, introduced in partnership with MasterCard and Global Payments.

Currently, 98% of Merseyrail customer transactions are under £20 and contactless payment provides a faster service, which means less queuing times, secure payment, more choice and flexibility for the customer. Most Merseyrail stations will be equipped with contactless technology by the end of the month.

Maarten Spaargaren, Merseyrail’s Managing Director, commented: “This development is a very positive one for our customers and means that they can now make payments quicker and easier than ever before, in full knowledge that they are doing so safely and securely.  We’re keen to keep pace with an increasingly technological world and delighted to be trailblazing this digital advancement.”

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