Mobile contactless payments program in Qatar


Qatar National Bank (QNB), Qtel, Oberthur and MasterCard have announced the launch of the first mobile NFC payments program in Qatar as the result of a strategic collaboration.

This announcement signifies the introduction of the first mobile contactless PayPass program in Qatar via an NFC-enabled mobile phone and the first program to also offer consumers a contactless PayPass ‘sticke’ in the Middle East and Africa.

QNB and Qtel customers in Qatar will soon be able to turn their mobile phone into their credit card. The program, will allow consumers in Qatar to make daily payments with just a tap of their NFC-enabled mobile phone (such as the latest Blackberry 9900 and 9790).

Customers using the new NFC SIM will be given the option to either leverage their existing NFC PayPass capable mobile phone and sign up for a QNB PayPass-enabled Qtel SIM card, or upgrade their phone to one of the latest Blackberry models to utilize the payments service embedded on the new SIM.

QNB customers will also be given the value added option of obtaining a ‘sticke’ equipped with PayPass technology to affix on their existing mobile phone in order to make payments if they do not have the latest NFC capable mobile phone. Oberthur, who provides QNB’s chip personalization service, worked closely with all parties to develop the payments application.

‘We believe that consumers and merchants in Qatar deserve a secure, convenient and flexible payments option wherever they go,’ said Ali Rashid Al Mohannadi, executive general manager, QNB. ‘This mobile NFC program is part of our commitment to enhancing the customer experience and supporting Qata’s vision of becoming a digital economy.

Specially equipped POS terminals will be available across Qatar, at locations such as cinemas, coffee shops, food corners within large malls starting with City Centre and then to be extended to other malls such as Villagio, The Mall. As part of a phased rollout plan, QNB will also work closely with the project principals to provide contactless POS terminals in Qata’s leading smart cities.