Mobile signature interoperability


SmartTrust and Methics have announced the successful completion of interoperability tests between their mobile signature service products.

The interoperability was tested on roaming and messaging functions between two Mobile Signature Service Provider (MSSP) products: SmartTrust’s SmartLicentio and Methics’ Kiuru MSSP. Mobile signature services enable cost efficient and easy to use strong authentication for identity management and payment applications.

Mobile signature services play an important role in reaching an appropriate level of confidence, acceptance and interoperability to support the implementation of the European Directive on Electronic Signatures. ‘We have been working closely with SmartTrust in the interoperability test,’ says Jarmo Miettinen, CEO, Methics. ‘We especially appreciate SmartTrust’s professional skills when implementing open standards and their commitment to ensuring interoperability in the mobile signature services market.’

‘Interoperability plays a key role in a mobile signature service ecosystem. Consumers, service providers and mobile signature product vendors all benefit from interoperability,’ continues Jari Nyholm, director, product management, SmartTrust. ‘It enables open business models, innovative service models and cost efficiencies that benefit all.’

SmartTrust’s recently released SmartLicentio builds upon the success of its SmartTrust DP OTA (Over-the-Air) platform for SIM and Device Management. SmartLicentio provides end-to-end security between consumers and service providers over the mobile telephony network making safe secure mobile services possible.