NatWest suspends Get Cash app


In an embarrassing about turn after a nationwide advertising campaign, NatWest bank has suspended a mobile phone application which lets customers withdraw cash without a debit card.

Radio 4’s Money Box programme revealed that some customers had been defrauded of hundreds of pounds by thieves using the Get Cash system. Two listeners said they were told the service was being withdrawn when they contacted NatWest. But the bank says Get Cash is being suspended for a “planned update” which is reducing the daily limit allowed.

NatWest only recently launched Get Cash, along with another system called Emergency Cash, which involves calling a phone operator. Both systems generate a security code allowing customers to withdraw money from cash machines – reports By Bob Howard. But one NatWest customer lost more than £900 when fraudsters stole his money via the Get Cash platform.

The NatWest advertisement publicising the cash machine security code system suggests if you have lost your card, you have no need to worry, and uses the slogan “helpful banking”. But Tim from London had a very different response from NatWest after he found that fraudsters had taken £950 from his account in August using a security code downloaded using a NatWest app.

The money disappeared in 11 cash machine withdrawals in just three days, each one not exceeding the £100 limit NatWest imposes per cardless cash machine withdrawal. Tim had never heard of the Emergency Cash nor Get Cash systems and banks rarely discuss with customers how a fraud has been carried out, so when Tim phoned to report the fraud NatWest refused to tell him what had happened.