NFC Forum launches certification program


The NFC Forum has formally unveiled its Certification Program. The program gives device manufacturers a means of establishing their products’ compliance with the NFC Forum’s technical specifications.

The Certification Program offers increased assurance that NFC Forum-certified products are interoperable with other NFC Forum-certified products. It also supports consistency in the behaviour of NFC devices by confirming that products conform to NFC Forum specifications.

Under the program, companies submit their devices to an authorized NFC Forum test laboratory for conformance testing using NFC Forum-validated test tools. The results are submitted to the independent, neutral third-party certification administrator for validation and approval. The program includes a problem and issue resolution process, and the anonymity of all submissions is assured.

The Certification Program is being launched in waves, as NFC Forum specifications evolve. The first Certification Wave includes testing for the lower-level digital protocols, specifically the Tag Operation specifications for the different tag types, the NFC Digital Protocol Specification, and the NFC Activity Specification. The second Certification Wave, scheduled to launch in 2012, adds testing for the physical layer and selected upper-level digital protocols, including RF analog and peer-to-peer.

“With the announcement of the NFC Forum Certification Program, developers have the essential resources they need to build and deploy globally interoperable NFC Forum-compliant solutions,” comments Koichi Tagawa, chairman of the NFC Forum. “The Certification Program represents the culmination of a great deal of diligence and hard work by representatives of many NFC Forum member companies from a wide variety of industries and locations worldwide.”