NFC m-payments to exceed $30 billion by 2012


A new analysis from Juniper Research of the NFC opportunity forecasts that the application of NFC as a mobile retail marketing tool via coupons and smart posters will support the growth of NFC mobile payment transaction values from $8 billion in 2009 to $30 billion within three years.

Such is the excitement about the potential of NFC, vendors are developing and launching a variety of interim solutions such as stickers and SD cards to get NFC to market faster on existing phones rather than new NFC enabled phones.

Report author Howard Wilcox comments: “Many people focus on the use of NFC for payments but in fact it is poised to revolutionize the way many people shop too. The ability to tap smart posters and receive coupons and product information also presents new channels to market for merchants. Whilst vendors see widespread availability of NFC phones in future, the jury is out as whether interim solutions will attract users or actually have a detrimental effect.’

Key findings from the research include: