PayCircle /Parlay specification


Parlay and PayCircle have announced a collaboration and co-branded the specification ‘Parlay X Web Services APIs’. Parlay has focused on allowing third party applications to get integrated into third generation mobile networks as well as into other networks using an open payment interface.

The Parlay Group is a multi-vendor consortium formed to develop open,technology-independent application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable the development of applications that operate across multiple, networking-platform environments.

Parlay integrates intelligent network (IN) services with IT applications via a secure, measured, and billable interface. The board includes members from, IBM, Ericsson, Siemens and Sun Microsystems

Parlay X Web Services APIs (application programming interfaces) support the mobile industry and web service providers in delivering value added services – which are seen as the basis of commercial success for 3G mobile networks – to their subscribers. The co-operation of PayCircle and Parlay is an important sign of de-fragmentation in the mobile market, since several industry consortia are working in this field.

“We are delighted with the success of this collaboration effort between PayCircle and the Parlay Group,” says Zygmunt Lozinski, Parlay group president and telecom solution executive, IBM. “Working together over the past year, our organizations have created a specification that enables whole new types of applications for service providers. We are looking forward to this work continuing with PayCircle.”

The Parlay Group was formed to encourage the development of open APIs to enable the use of applications that operate across multiple networking platforms. Through this collaboration with the Parlay Group, parts of the PayCircle mobile payment APIs have been integrated into the Parlay specification.

The specification is available at:

PayCircle believes that open and interoperable ‘payment API’s’ are the key to market growth for mobile Web Services. PayCircle has developed and published a PayCircle Payment Web Service Specification and a Reference Implementation for this specification. The specification contains WSDL sources and XML schema definitions to meet the requirements of today’s mobile application developers.

WiththisReference Implemention PayCircle proved that mobile payment has become a reality for various business scenarios. The PayCircle scenarios outline actual mobile payment applications and services for electronic goods like MP3 files, video clips, subscription based online magazines, streaming video/radio channels or on-demand gaming, as well as for interaction with point of sale terminals or vending/ticketing machines.

“PayCircle is pleased to be working together with the Parlay Group to harmonize standardization and implement additional functionality in this important payment area,” says Hans Wolf, PayCircle president & VP Siemens IC mobile.

“In this regard PayCircle believes that Parlay / OSA is an important partner in driving open standards and interoperable web services across the world.”

PayCircle and Parlay expect that their common specification will meet the requirements of general standardization. Therefore, it is aimed to submit the specification to other standardization bodies.


Paul Ritchie, Parlay Executive Director

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