PayLife offers contactless payments


PayLife, the market leader for cashless payment in Austria, is kicking off activities for contactless solutions and bringing contactless payments based on NFC to everyone in Austria.

Step by step, PayLife is introducing NFC-enabled terminals and add-ons to the market, be it as supplements for the stationary PayLife Bankomat POS terminals or to the new mobile Bankomat POS terminal.

On the card side, PayLife has now also made contactless payment available for everyone with Quick. The new Quick prepaid cards are so-called hybrid cards, which means you can use them for both contactless payment and conventional payment by inserting the card in the terminal. No matter how you decide to pay, one thing remains the same: No need for a PIN code or a signature. The new Quick cards are now available for €3.90 at all Thalia stores.

As a starter gift, load your new Quick prepaid card with € 75.00 and PayLife will give you the card for free. The cards can be reloaded with up to € 400.00 at any Austrian ATM, any time of day or night.

‘We are now introducing Quick contactless because contactless payments can be made within seconds, thus saving everyone the time of standing in line. As our least expensive product, Quick is also the most attractive solution for retail merchants for processing micro payments,’ explains Peter Neubauer, CEO of PayLife.

‘Especially in the convenience sector and everywhere else payments need to be made quickly, the lightning fast processing of contactless payments is a huge advantage. We are especially pleased to be working with Thalia as the perfect partner for the Austrian premiere of Quick contactless.’