PaySaber is a lightweight, portable credit card machine that connects with the iPhone or iPod touch, allowing businesses to process financial transactions on the go.

The company says the device offers efficient and cost-saving payment solutions to iPhone and iPod touch users. The unit connects with the iPhone /iPod touch to accept mobile payments anywhere, anytime. PaySabe’s built-in encrypted card swiper ensures all transactions are safe and secure. The device works with the USAePay PCI certified payment gateway, which stores all of the data securely.

USA ePay CEO Ben Goretsky adds, ‘We at USAePay are very excited about the PaySaber. We are extremely pleased to add the iPhone onto the long list of already supported phones in the Wireless ePay family. PaySaber is a special project for us, since it not only can process credit card transactions, but also can be a full point-of-sale system with inventory control and product and customer databases built right into the software.’

PaySabe’s features include: