PKO Bank Polski launches mobile payment service


PKO Bank Polski has launched IKO, a mobile payment service that covers all payment situations. The roll-out includes all Bank’s ATMs and ultimately more than 6,5000 POS terminals of eService, the Bank`s daughter company.

From start IKO supports:

  • Point of Sale (POS) – pay in store, at restaurants, etc. (including future support for NFC)
  • Online – pay at online stores
  • P2P – real-time money transfer person-to-person to beneficiaries identified only by their telephone number
  • Cardless cash withdrawal from ATMs
  • Money vouchers – offline timed vouchers for shopping payments and ATM cash withdrawals
  • Account balance, transaction history and settings (example change PIN)

“The possibility of paying by a telephone creates brand new quality regarding convenience, availability, as well as meeting of customers` expectations. Combination of banking and transactional functions in one device is a real breakthrough. We are pioneers in mass mobile payments in Poland, and this proprietary solution has realistic chances for becoming a local mobile payments standard in the European market,” comments Piotr Alicki, CIO at PKO Bank Polski.

The IKO mobile payment service is available for PKO customers and at the service launch available on Android and iOS systems (ultimately also on BlackBerry, Symbian, Java and Windows Phone).

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