Poundland pilots contactless payment


Commidea has announced a trial with Poundland to upgrade its integrated EPOS payment solution with contactless technology, using Barclaycard as the merchant acquirer. This means that customers can present their contactless enabled credit or debit card to a reader to make a purchase of £10 or less, without the need to enter a PIN code.

Poundland first implemented its Chip & PIN terminals two years ago. The solution, provided by Commidea, is a managed service which is pre-approved by the banking industry and meets all PCI DSS compliance standards. Poundland saw an increase in overall customer spend following its Chip & PIN deployment and hopes to build further on this success with the contactless solution.

‘Commidea’s solution was selected for its simple integration with Poundland’s existing Chip & PIN terminals and for its PCI compliance,’ explains Mo Rahman, IT services manager, Poundland. ‘The contactless payment trial will enable us to offer alternative payment options and improved service levels, so that customers can purchase their goods quickly and conveniently.’

The company is trialling the Verifone QX110 contactless terminal in its Dalston and Hammersmith stores, which are based in London. The technology is expected to speed up transaction times and shorten queues as cardholders simply need to touch their card against the reader instead of entering a PIN or signing. The objective of the trial is to understand the opportunities for deploying contactless technology across all of Poundland’s 250 stores.

‘Poundland is a great example of a retailer who is bucking the trend and seeing an increase in customer numbers in these challenging times’ says Ian Rutland, marketing and communication director, Commidea. ‘Many consumers are migrating to discount stores in a bid to beat the current economic climate. We are delighted that Commidea can provide a solution to help meet customer demand.’