Rabobank launches a sophisticated and secure mobile payment solution


G+D Mobile Security worked with Dutch Rabobank to migrate Rabobank’s existing Rabo wallet SIM-based mobile payment solution to a cloud-based mobile payment application using state-of-the-art HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology.

Rabo Wallet
Rabobank launches a sophisticated and secure mobile payment solution

In addition, G+D Mobile Security`s Convego AppWorld solution enables Rabobank to build their own mobile ecosystem around mobile payments with a rich choice of value-added services. “Rabo Wallet” users can therefore not only manage their mobile payment cards and make mobile payments – they can also instantly activate other services like parking and  a storage function for customer shop and loyalty cards.

The mobile payment functionality provided by the Rabo Wallet app is available for Android smart phones and supports Mastercard Maestro cards and the related token services.

Rabobank decided to move to cloud-based mobile payments, powered by G+D Mobile Security`s Convego CloudPay solution, in order to be able to scale the solution and provide services for a larger number of consumers.

With the new solution, more Rabobank customers can use the mobile payment service since it no longer requires a special kind of SIM card. Furthermore, mobile payment is only one of the services provided: current value-added services in the Rabo Wallet include parking and customer shop and loyalty card storage solutions.

“There was great enthusiasm for the Rabo Wallet. Within 24 hours, the pilot contained the maximum of 10,000 participants,” says Suzan van Eeten, Lead Product Manager, Rabobank. “80% of the users were positive about the Wallets’ functionality. That was a big incentive to place the app in the Playstore as quickly as possible.”