Secure mobile, digital identity


CardLogix and charismathics have announced that they have formalized their partnership.

charismathics is now a Smart Partner, supporting its solutions with CardLogix SIMs and smart cards. Together, these products form an ideal solution for securing identity on mobile handsets and other devices.

The two companies say they have combined extensive expertise in cryptography to produce solutions for digital authentication. These solutions fill an acute need for securing identity and data on mobile handsets as applications exponentially grow. Operators need authentication to protect against fraud and unauthorized use, and to assure customers that their personal data is safe and protected.

The CardLogix mobile telecom platform consists of SIMs, as well as operating system and development software, designed to speed development of mobile solutions of any kind, from NFC to Digital Signatures. CardLogix offers a choice of Java Card, Native Delos, and custom USIM operating systems, with a wide choice of capacities and functionalities. System development is streamlined with VirtuoSimo for universal wireless development, testing, and debugging; Geode, for easy applet development; and S@T Manager, for quick creation of S@T scenarios through a user-friendly interface.