Significant customer base growth for banks offering Mobile Financial Services


Banks offering mobile financial services can increase new customer acquisition by as much as 60%, according to a recent survey by Mercatus.

The six-month consumer research study survey, sponsored by Visa examined the impact of mobile financial services, including mobile banking and payments, on consumer decision-making, specifically when it came to selecting retail banking services.

Consistent with past innovations in financial services delivery, such as online banking and ATMs, mobile financial services are approaching a tipping point. Mercatus’ analysis assessed consumer behavior across three decades of distribution channel innovation, revealing how the current pace of mobile adoption exceeds past innovations including ATMs, debit cards and online banking.

The survey finds that nearly one-third of consumers are using, or considering using, mobile financial services in the next year. Additionally, responses indicate that consumer mobile financial service adoption will grow significantly during the next five years, exceeding the use of online banking by 2015.

‘Owing to its rapid pace of adoption, mobile is a market that offers a clear first-mover advantage. Banks that act soon, and aggressively deploy mobile financial services, will capture a clear market opportunity to aggressively deploy mobile financial services,’ comments Bob Hedges, Mercatus managing partner. ‘Banks that delay will risk losing their best customers to the competition.’

Mobile Offering Equals Customer Acquisition

In addition to increased customer acquisition rates, the study shows: