Société Générale launches its contactless payment service in Strasbourg


Société Générale, one of the largest European financial services groups, announced that they launched the bank’s first NFC Visa payment service in Strasbourg, France relying on Oberthur Technologies’ Trusted Service Manager (TSM) platform.

The NFC ecosystem is progressively maturing in France with several Société Générale nfccommercial deployments either planned or in progress in large cities. The successful launch of Société Générale’s NFC service with two French mobile operators in Strasbourg demonstrates the end-to-end interoperability of its NFC offer with TSM and SIM cards from other suppliers.

The bank’s customers will be able to subscribe to this NFC payment service that will enable them to pay with their phone at all the POS equipped with contactless terminals throughout the country. To complement this, the bank already provides dual payment cards, facilitating contactless payment, for those who do not have an NFC-enabled handset or who simply want to have both means of payment.

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